How to import Excel xls or xlsx in iRegister ?

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Importing spreadsheet/excel files in iRegister is divided into 2 step-
  1. Convert excel files (xls/xlsx) to CSV format
  2. Import CSV file to iRegister
Convert excel files (xls/xlsx) to CSV format
Here are steps to convert xls or xlsx file into csv-
  • Open xls or xlsx file using excel or any spreadsheet software

          Example Table:

Roll Number  Name of Student    Mobile
  Aman Gupta 9876543210
2   Anuj Verma 8899776655
3   Ateeq Ur Rhman 7777555511
4   Akankhsa Gaur 9988776655
5   Ankanksha Singh 8421001248
6   Ela Gupta 9631001369
7   Gulzar 7897897860
8   Manav Akela 7844019440
9   Monisha Sharma 7891231230
10   Pradeep Verma 8899889988

  • click on "Save As" menu item in menu

  • Select file format to "CSV" (Comma Separated Values) (Comma Delimited)
          * File name should be "book.csv"

  • Press "OK"

  • Press "Yes"

Import CSV file to iRegister
Follow these steps to import CSV file in iRegister-

  • Copy "book.csv" file into "/sdcard/iRegister/"
  • Open iRegister application
  • Go to class in which you want to add students
  • Click on "Add Student" button
  • Click on "Import Using EXCEL CSV" button
  • Click on "Yes" button
  • You did it...Done :)

You can check our video help @

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